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6pm NZ | (OR On Demand for 1 month!)

Hosted by: Hong Kong
Speakers: Rev. Rene August and Dr. Krish Kandiah

In this session we will ask ourselves what crossing boundaries might look like for us in a world still intent on creating walls and not bridges. What is the role of incarnation and relocation in our work of justice today? How does the present context of a pandemic and its heavy toll on those already marginalised present new opportunities for us to find ourselves moving from places of power to places of vulnerability?

8pm NZ | (OR On Demand for 1 month!)

Hosted by: Hong Kong
Speakers: Roy Njuabe and Branches of Hope

In this session we will take a look at stories of migration and forced relocation, at the power dynamics encountered, and the complex issues that surface. What is it about our broken human identity that brings us into conflict with those not like us? In a time when nationalism and xenophobia is on the rise, how might we practise a new level of radical hospitality? What opportunities are before us in this critical hour to move the church more consistently from suspicion to welcome?

Breakout SESSION 1 | Realigning Power & Promises: The Church Challenged by the Treaty
10pm NZ | (OR On Demand for 1 month!)

Hosted by: New Zealand
Speakers: ana Seddon (Ngāpuhi, Te Rarawa, Ngāi te Rangi, Ngāti Pukenga)

Speaking from the context and experience of bi-cultural relations in Aotearoa New Zealand, Hana will explore ways in which the Church can give up power as part of honouring the spirit and intention of the Treaty signed in 1840. Viewers from other countries will find resonances for application in their own contexts for how churches can embody humility, service and partnership.

1:30am NZ | (OR On Demand for 1 month!)

Hosted by: London
Speakers: Kuki Rokhum | Katharine Hayhoe

In this session we will explore the unique time our world is in right now and the opportunity it presents to us as a transitional space. What would it look like for us to embrace this disruption and relocate ourselves to a place of ‘wilderness’ to re-focus on God and purge corruption from our hearts? What do we need to acknowledge that we have lost? What is it that we must lament and mourn over? What does self-emptying look like in this time? What does it mean to radically resist the temptations of this world through God’s power and not our own? And how does all of this reset us as new justice advocates on behalf of a groaning creation?

5am NZ | (OR On Demand for 1 month!)

Hosted by: London
Speakers: Eugene Cho and Lisa Sharon Harper

In this session we will ask ourselves the hard questions of where unjust power exists today, and how our own practices and choices may contribute to this imbalance of power. Both historically and presently, we will examine the ways in which the church continues to keep power in Jerusalem and not Samaria. How has this current pandemic enabled us to see a shift in power structures globally? What can we learn from Jesus for this shift in power in our own leadership journeys?

12pm NZ | (OR On Demand for 1 month!)

Hosted by: Melbourne
Speakers: Pastor Ray Minniecon and Danielle Strickland

In this session we will challenge ourselves to consider our own journey in the release of self and the pursuit of love. In our desire to be justice advocates, how can we go about modelling our lives and our churches on Jesus’ example of self-emptying? How do we resist remaining in our comfortable bubbles, openly confess our desire for self-preservation, and lean into uncomfortable issues, conversations and situations with love and humility?

Breakout SESSION 2 | What We Believe About Common Human Experience: A Road to Justice or a Highway to Injustice?
2pm NZ | (OR On Demand for 1 month!)

Hosted by: New Zealand
Speakers: S.J. Immanuel Koks (Manny)

From his perspectives in academic research and teaching as well as lived experience, Manny will address and critique various models of disability, and show how each fails to achieve authentic justice. He will advocate for an understanding of Common Human Experience within which we live and work toward our shared hope in Christ from a shared standing of being equal, limited and bearers of God’s image.

3pm NZ | (OR On Demand for 1 month!)

Hosted by: Melbourne
Speakers: Dr Joel Edwards and Dr Myrto Theocharous

In this final session we will commit ourselves to disrupting current practices that keep us locked into old structures of injustice. We will dream together for new rhythms of life and new homes of shalom. We will prophesy hope through new expressions of the spirit, and celebrate the beauty of resurrection as our model for justice and joy.