Our Story

Justice Conferences provide gatherings and moments which serve the global biblical justice movement. Through national events these conferences bring together thousands of Christ-followers to live out the message of Jesus and transform their communities by making justice a way of life. 

The Justice Conference was born out of a simple idea and a compelling paradox — that true life is found when we give our lives away on behalf of others. What if Christians truly lived out the message of Jesus and renewed their communities through our love and practice of authentic justice?

This idea was put into action and The Justice Conference was founded in 2010 by a group of like-minded friends in Bend, Oregon (USA) with a dream of impacting a generation for justice. The influence of The Justice Conference continues to grow. We are now one of the largest Biblical and social justice Conferences, bringing together world-class speakers, artists and the Church into gatherings designed to unpack the theology of justice and catalyse emerging works of justice both locally and globally. Gatherings are now hosted in the USA (several cities), Asia (Hong Kong), Australia, New Zealand, The Netherlands, South Africa, UK and Norway.

In New Zealand, The Justice Conference started in 2016 and has run biennially in the years since. The conference is hosted by Tearfund in partnership with like-minded organisations. 

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