The Justice Conference 2020

We live in an imperfect world where many suffer injustice and have no voice, a world where power structures and system oppress the vulnerable—a world out of step with God’s intentions for his creation. The On Earth Justice Conference 2020 will explore what it means to be part of bringing the Kingdom of God to your corner of Earth and into your areas of influence.

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AKL 18 & 19 SEPT

Over two days, you’ll hear from local and international speakers, practitioners and artists who are leaders in their field. During the evening you'll explore the theology of justice and wrestle with the burning issues of our time.

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The Justice Conference 2016

There is so much value found in broad demographics connecting on justice, bringing a range of perspectives to challenge and to learn.
– 2018 Justice Conference Attendee


I now have a greater understanding of the issues we are facing as New Zealanders, but also globally. Not in an overwhelming sense, but with hope and determination to do what God has placed in my hands to do.
– 2018 Justice Conference Attendee


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