When does the conference start and finish?

The Justice Conference NZ will run for one and a half days, starting in the evening of Friday 28 October 7-10pm, and running from 8.30am-10pm on Saturday 29 October. 

Where is the best place to stay?

Trip Advisor is a wonderful resource to help you find accommodation that suits your needs. If you are coming from out of town, we would encourage you to stay in the Mount Wellington area. The Best Western in Ellerslie is close to the venue.


Why is there a booking fee?

A nominal booking fee of 6.5% (maximum of $7.50) is added to all purchases to cover administration and credit card processing costs. 

Are seats allocated?

No. Your ticket provides you with a seat at all main sessions, but these seats are not allocated. Seminars will have an upper limit of attendees they can each accomodate, instructions will be given on the day as to how you can make the most of the programme.

Will food be available?

Catering packages will be available for pre-purchase closer to the event. These will have options for vegetarians. Otherwise, there are a variety of food venues nearby and you are welcome to bring your own.

Can I only attend part of the conference?

Tickets are available to the full conference only. You will be allowed entry part way through if needs be.

Where can I park?

Car parking will be available on the street and in neighbouring carparks. Parking attendees will be out on the day to show you where you can park. Sylvia Park is not far from the venue and the public transport journey planner can be found here: https://at.govt.nz/bus-train-ferry/journey-planner/

Are children allowed to attend?

We recommend participants be 18 years old, however minors are always welcome to attend with adults. Considerations of censorship will be at the responsibility of the adult accompanying the child as there will be adult themes presented and discussed e.g. child trafficking.

Are there discounts for ministry leaders?

We know that those in ministry and social work positions work very hard and are driven by the benefit that others receive. We cannot however offer discounts, due to the high calibre of our content. So we suggest that if you're looking to come and save money, you make the most of the rebate deal through TheTicketFairy. You will see a unique web link after buying your ticket, which when used by your friends to buy their ticket, works towards you getting a rebate on yours: 3 tickets = 10% rebate, 5 tickets 30%, and 10 tickets = 100% rebate!

How does the rebate work?

Buy your ticket, and on the final screen after the tickets have been sent to you you will see a unique web adress/link. Copy this link and share it with friends via email or facebook. When they click on it they will be taken to the webpage to buy their ticket. This works towards you getting a rebate on your ticket: 3 tickets = 10% rebate, 5 tickets 30%, and 10 tickets = 100% rebate!

What do I need to bring?

You can either print your ticket or present the ticket on your smartphone. If you've purchased a Student or Senior CItizen ticket you will need your Gold Card or Student ID. We recommend bringing your smartphone and a jumper or jacket.

Are refunds allowed?

We do refund tickets as a last resort if you can't find someone who would like to take your place. Booking fees may not be refunded. Names on tickets can be altered when you login to view your order. Email info@thejusticeconference.org.nz with your order details.

​Do we need to provide names when booking?

It helps our security staff if the right name goes on the ticket. If you're not sure then the same name can be placed on each and switched later by logging in to ticketfairy.com to view your order. This will create a new ticket which will be emailed to you and render the old copy void.

Will the conference be recorded?

This year we will not be recording the content as it is a ticketed event. We will be looking into ways to make the content more multi-format in the future. If you're looking to only come to bits of the programme you will be able to come and go, but will need a full ticket.